Satellites of some kind

“Satellites of some kind”

NASA’s Gemini program included 10 crewed missions of up to 14 days in Earth orbit, where the future Apollo astronauts trained for the Moon landings. The manned flights took place between March 1965 and November 1966. The astronauts orbited Earth over 600 times.

The communications transcripts from tapes recording the astronauts’ comments while on-board their crafts are hundreds and hundreds of pages long. The astronauts reported many rather astounding observations — in fact, they had so many intriguing ‘bogeys’ I’m surprised the transcripts didn’t get more attention once they had been declassified.

The Gemini missions (and the Apollo missions) have been an battle field for Ufologists and Skeptics — including exaggerations, ridiculous explanations, and more often than not bizarre ‘scientific’ assumptions that had nothing to do with the observation in question. Not everything the astronauts saw had to do with optical illusions, space junk or debris clouds; this is obvious from the transmissions.

The transcripts should be re-read in their entirety, along with listening to the transmissions themselves, where possible. I’m sure the truth is literally still ‘out there’, as is a comprehensive and intellectually honest evaluation of the events.

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Top image: Astronaut Ed White, Gemini IV

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