Revelation I: Return

Revelation I: Return

what it means to find my soul
autumn-like drifting through red light
filled with silence as this seems the time of scars
healed from memories and the fragrance of decay
is floating over thoughts as lonely remains of

transient futures of which I had more than one
if my past and my lives and my deaths
came together here and now since all possible
lightness rests on a single moment in
the blink of a feeling I remember one day

when I saw
one giant bridge growing towards us
higher and higher lifting the horizon out of dreams
and the miasma of water exposed my self
became invisible and I could see and could listen

when we moved over the highest point and discovered
the other side of the dimmed valley was my own
mirror in your hands and you knew another time
we would arrive at some end of this
circle inside

do you see the winter the white light the birds
are gone already but the noise will rise again
soon and with a silent smile you are going to break
my inner silence before we walk through a light
cover of snow and onto this blue blue ice

Image & Text © by Jonahh Oestreich. All Rights Reserved.

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