in the last century of her life
she returned
in a ship of wisdom and beauty

her entourage of demon hunters
guarded a swarm of hieroglyphics

from a future she had seen
she brought droning strings
of dreams

bridging the time
of her absence
between the first and the final

i saw her mute smile
radiating the light
of hidden moons

she had passed

her words in a subsonic stream
of childhood memories and

evaporating residue
of the mind-walker era

when pride and rivalry
had made all of man
awestruck minions
of time and space

i felt her ephemeral
veil of tenderness

reverberating our first
encounter in one of those
labyrinthine dimensions
of her star-faring journeys

where she had left me
wandering the ever expanding
orbit of a lonely star

while she was becoming
the supreme shapeshifter

descending down
to the surface of our birth planet and crossing
the eternal echoes of our minds

Image & Text © by Jonahh Oestreich. All Rights Reserved.

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