Hunting Time Lords. Future without a Trace. John Titor.

If time travelers from the future are as smart as we are, it should be possible to find traces they’re leaving behind on today’s Internet, right? Maybe there’s not much logic in this assumption but then again, certain subjects seem to defy conventional logic to begin with. Time travel is — still — one of them. Read more


Anything is possible: K-Pax

In 2001, it was maybe a little out there to believe there are billions of Earth-like planets in the Milky Way. Meanwhile, it’s kind of ‘yesterday’s news’. Considering the number of 350 billion or so large galaxies, the implications seem unfathomable; especially since it’s more and more likely we’re not alone in this universe. It doesn’t stop there either: Just a few years ago astronomers have found evidence of other universes, poetically called ‘cosmic bruises’. Read more

Equilibrium of Senses

The Equilibrium Of Senses

“The fluid grace of nature and its infinite interpretations is my inspiration.”

In 2010, I discovered the art of Michelle “Shell” Rummel, and connected with her via Twitter and Facebook. I was mesmerized equally by her work and her generous nature, and spent quite some time revisiting her paintings, poetry and photography. Read more