Age of Serenity

Age of Serenity

horizons in fog and blue lament
my memories of nightmares and grief
vanish in your glee’s gravity

stay with me and let us cast
glass beads through canyons
of brick walls and towers of steel
up to the end of sky’s line

where our hopes lie let us dance and
reverberate the sound of light

billions of colours drawn onto
your face
the smile of lightness

let us

not leave but be travelling down
millennia of joy where we
play and chase our future

you give me your hands
and we become slayers who storm
the pinnacles of pain where
the cloud makers rest and plot

a blood-coloured era of dreams
ravage under landscapes of roofs

how many souls can I save with
my glistering pearls made of words
and countless fractals that are

our kingdom of verses
pushing the past beyond

the spirals of billowing shadows

vitreous echoes
lasting for aeons

multiplying the sun
and our laughter


the desperate poles of night and day

when you let us
ascend and be

dawn and dusk movers
painting darklight until
the end of all lies

Image & Text © by Jonahh Oestreich. All Rights Reserved.

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